... Being born again...of incorruptible SEED... 1 Peter 1:23

     Harvest Life Church is the spiritual progression of Seed of Life Christian Assembly.  Both entities are under the umbrella of Seed of Life Church Ministries, Inc.

    We are a Spirit led ministry always open to Holy Spirit's instructions, operating as a five-fold ministry with emphases on teaching the Word of God.  Harvest Life Church is structured to minister to the family, committed to promoting Godly values and principles.  We are a compassionate ministry, caring for the spiritual well-being of it's family members.

    Our mission is to present a WHOLE CHRIST to effect a WHOLE COMMUNITY.

    Harvest Life Church operates and is motived by the principle of the SEED, "while the earth remains, seedtime and harvest...shall not cease" Genesis 8:22.

    As a church fellowship we welcome you to Harvest Life Church of Jacksonville, NC.